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Interview mit DaBoO (englisch)

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Name: Patrick Bolleboom
Nickname: DaBoO
Alter: 22
Wohnort: nlZoetermeer, Netherlands
Organisation: ESC-Gaming

Patrick 'DaBoO' Bolleboom is a dutch StarCraft II player, who played already in the dutch national team in StarCraft:BroodWar. We interviewed him after winning the 9th Release Day Madness Tournament by the ESL.

MyStarCraft.de: Hello Daboo, first of all I'd like to thank you for your time, since you must be really busy after the release of StarCraft II. Before we start, would you mind telling us something about yourself and your gaming experience before StarCraft II?

Patrick 'DaBoO' Bolleboom: Well, my Name is Patrick Bolleboom a.k.a. Daboo, I recently joined ESC Icybox, a German top clan. Right now, I'm being busy with ladder and tournaments of course. I started up when I was like 10 years old in BW, I even got in the nation's team B in Holland. After that i switched to WarCraft III TFT, but I didn't really like the game because of the luck factor. I basically just waited for SC II.

MyStarCraft.de: I see, so you are not new to the gaming-scene. What got you to SC II?

DaBoO: Oh, yeah. Hm. Well, basically I'm a huge fan of Blizzard. I was too late at BW and I couldn't get pretty good there anymore, so I waited for WarCraft III TFT, but I was too late for that too, thats why I decided to waited for SC II and I was really looking forward to it.

MyStarCraft.de: You played the beta from the first day on, what impressed you the most in StarCraft II and what were the biggest disappointments? Anything in mind?

DaBoO: Well, I didn't had disappoints, because I thought it's a whole new game. There were many new units additionally to those in SC I.
Well, I'd love to see more variety to the zerg. If you see all the other races, they got much more opportunities to pick strategies or mix units, so I'd like to see more zerg units. What i really like is the infestor, which you can use for a lot of stuff and tactics. Thats my favorite unit.

MyStarCraft.de: Ok, so what are your goals for StarCraft II in future? What would you like to achieve?

DaBoO: Oh, yeah. I think it's the same for every player, you wanna be strong I guess. I know it's a cheap goal but I wanna be winner of some tournaments, get famous and so on. Oh, and be the best Dutch player of course.

MyStarCraft.de: And how do you work to achieve these goals? What's your training like? Do you have something like favorite trainings partner, or what way do you keep yourself in shape?

DaBoO: Well, I basically play a lot of custom maps, I always check my f-list, who is online and worth to play, or just ask them: "Hey, wanna play 1v1? I want to try to counter a special build". I also play like 10 hours a day and it works out that way.

MyStarCraft.de: I see. That's impressive. There are many big names around the world already, do you have some kind of idol? Someone you might want to have a talk with or someone you would love to play?

DaBoO: I basically have 3 idols i really like, thats DIMAGA, Sen and IdrA. I'd love to talk to them all and exchange some strats and stuff like that. They are my idols.

MyStarCraft.de: On your way to victory, you already crossed paths with different clans, Serious-gaming for example, which you already left before the beta ended. Please, tell us about it, what made you leave?

DaBoO: *thinking*... It is really important to be in a team where you feel at home. That's not what I had there, I didn't feel at home and couldn't play my best there. Thats why I left.

MyStarcraft.de: Did you bargain with other clans yet? What kind of clan is your future goal?

DaBoO: My future goal clan would be ESC Gaming, it's a really big and nice German team and I hope I will stay there for very long.

MyStarCraft.de: Lets hope all goes well there, we will cheer for you of course. Let's get back to the game itself. Your main race is zerg, which is the current underdog in SC II. Are you happy with the current state of the swarm? Do you miss anything?

DaBoO: Like I said, I miss variety in the unit choices of zerg, but the main problem is, if you have 200/200 versus another 200/200 you will loose, 'cause the other races are much stronger than the zerg units. And I still think they need to fix something with the roach again.

MyStarCraft.de: I see. Now, tell us your thoughts about the balance right now. Anything overpowered? Be honest.

DaBoO: Overpowered? Hmm, I'm not a whiner about balance but there are things that are too strong like forcefield, which you can't break in early game. Only ultralisks can break it and you don't have them in early game, so I think they really need to fix something about it.

MyStarCraft.de: So if you could write the next Balance-Patch, what would you change?

DaBoO: *thinking* I think I would increase the manacost of forcefield, so they could only cast one or two forcefields and no more, so they have to use the other spells. And, like I said I really would like to see a new zerg unit.

MyStarCraft.de: Do you have any advice for your fellow zergs out there? Please keep in mind that "Go, play Terran" is not a valid answer.

DaBoO: *laughs* Go protoss then. Nah, kidding. I think if you will start the game and have no main race yet, don't pick zerg. They are hard to play right now. But if you really want to play zerg u need to be open for creativity, this will lead you to the win.

MyStarCraft.de: What are your next goals? In what tournaments will your fans cheer for you?

DaBoO: Oh, my fans. I think they always cheer for me, I see that in my livestream. Whatever I do, they will keep cheering for me and of course I'm really grateful for all my fans who support me.

MyStarCraft.de: Ok, I think we are through for now. Thank you very much for your time and honesty, we will cheer for you in future. Always remember, MyStarCraft is watching you.

DaBoO: Hehehe, definitely. Can I do a shoutout?

MyStarCraft.de: Sure.

DaBoO: Big shoutout to my managers blacksun, catscrash and skyliner and my clanmates GoOdy, andead, DieHilde, tarry, origine and my SC II buddy's BroodLust, arret and my homie Q.
And I want to thank all the sponsors of ESC Icybox for helping and supplying the team.
Remember to watch my livestream, www.livestream.com/charella. And I of course want to thank all my fans and viewers.

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I <3 Dab'
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